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Concept Design Marine developed 15-ish proposals for reuse whole or part of the offshore structure, for sustainable production of non-oil related products. We're trying to give "second life" to the used and decommissioned structures, by producing different products in the range of food (aquatic and non-aquatic cultures) to "green" energy. All our proposals are "environmentally friendly".

Even though our engineers can write and did wrote Decommissioning Programme and help your organization in preparation of other related documents, we have decided to move beyond decommissioning, giving a second, useful, life to decommissioned offshore structures, or part of it.

Removal of the topside of the offshore structure is an easier part; removal of the substructure which is pinning topside against seabed, as stipulated by lease contracts, is a headache because of water depth, its size, and shape. It costs money, time and comes with the risks.

As there is no “one solution fits it all”, we have developed Decision Tool, a multi-attribute comparative analysis tool. The purpose of Decision Tool is to "check" proposed solutions against the real structure at a real location and assist the decision maker to choose the best "fit".

The tool  consists of over 100 criteria divided into 8 categories:

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