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Project Management, Design, Engineering, Product Development & Consultancy for the Offshore and Maritime Industry

Engineering and Consulting services

We conduct Design & Engineering services from our office or inside the client's office, as a part of the client's team. 

Our team experience and competences are:

  • Full vessel designs ranging from concept through the basic design to detail engineering
  • Naval architecture, including intact and damage stability
  • Marine engineering
  • Project Management (on- or off-site)
  • Permanent mooring design and analyses, including mooring concepts utilizing in-house built preliminary analysis tools
  • Ship motions analyses
  • Structural strength calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations, pipe sizing and system balancing
  • Pump and equipment sizing
  • HVAC calculations
  • Finite Elements Methods calculations (FEM)
  • CFD Simulations
  • New building and conversion specifications
  • Alternative fuels implementation studies
  • Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP)
  • Out-of-the-box innovative maritime & offshore designs
  • Product Development (R&D)
  • On-site, newbuilding, conversion and dry-docking management, engineering and QA services
  • Bid management
  • Commercial/business development
  • Strategic and change management 
  • Shipyard selection
  • Shipyard production management
  • ...


  • 2 x Semi Sub drilling rigs, Project & design management, newbuilding
  • 7 x IMO type II Chemical Tankers, Project management, newbuilding
  • 6 x IMO type II Chemical Tankers, Project management, conversion
  • 2 x Semi Sub drilling rigs, conversion, machine, marine and HVAC systems design
  • 4 x lead technical assistant during negotiations with the shipyard - 2 x tender drilling barges, 2 x OSVs
  • 1 x decommissioning, lead engineering support & design management
  • 2 x OSVs newbuilds, machine, marine and HVAC systems design
  • 3 x JU drilling rigs, conversion, machine, marine and HVAC systems design
  • 1 x dry-dock, systems design
  • 7 x IMO type II chemical tankers, machine, marine and HVAC systems design
  • 3x Design of permanent mooring systems for FPSO and mooring analysis
  • 3 x Design of permanent mooring systems for fish farms and mooring analysis
  • 1 x Mooring analysis for floating gas terminal
  • Several harbour tugs and inland tankers, systems and machinery design
  • Design of various marine equipment
  • FEA calculations of several cranes
  • Shipyard management

We're heavily using in-house developed software, as a result of our R&D effort and years of experience in the industry. Preliminary static calculation of permanent mooring system, done on the early stage of asset development is one of such tools, which enable us to propose the most suitable mooring configuration while design is not finalised. After the initial set-up, multiple mooring configurations can be investigated and compared in a 'matter of minutes'. Note that the tool is not a replacement for full mooring analysis.


  Tel: +61. (0) 406. 392. 162


CDM Consultancy is partnership established by highly experienced and specialized engineers, providing, project management, design and technical consulting services to Oil&Gas, Marine and Renewable energy industries.

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