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Project Management, Design, Engineering, Product Development & Consultancy for the Offshore and Maritime Industry

CDM Consultancy is working with independent engineering companies who can team-up to deliver multidisciplinary solution. All engineering aspects of the floating or stable oceanic structure are covered through the network of highly specialized, experienced and dedicated engineers.

TM Engineering, PLLC is a leader in the engineering design and structural analysis of onshore and offshore drilling rigs and equipment done in accordance with API 4F, ABS, DNV, and other required specifications. The quality of the structural steel design is an essential component to every one of our offshore derricks or onshore masts and substructures, as we want each client to have satisfaction in the drilling package delivered to them.

The structural design experience and expertise of TM Engineering, PLLC includes derricks, masts, and substructures for land rigs, drilling barges, fixed platform rigs, jack-ups, semi-submersibles, and drillships

TM Engineering, PLLC also inspects and upgrades rigs in accordance with the most recent API 4G requirements.

Ultramarine Europe is a privately owned professional organization since 1994, which offers engineering services to the technical community. It specializes in engineering design and analysis as well as the development of special purpose computer programs to assist in such analyses. For the past 30 years, Ultramarine has done a variety of offshore projects ranging from FPSO’s fatigue analysis, to TLPs installations, jacket loadouts, towing, launches, upending, deck installation, lift, floatover and pipe laying. In addition more unique projects include installation analyses of gravity based structures, wind turbines and bridges. Sister company Ultramarine Inc. is the creator of MOSES, a unique global tool that allows for the study of such projects.

ORCA Offshore offers more than twenty-five years experience in the marine, structural and operational aspects of the design, fabrication and installation of fixed and floating offshore structures for projects in the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, West of Africa and in the Far East. Experience includes traditional offshore work and more recent work for renewable energy projects. ORCA offers you innovative, persuasive, realistic, practical, co-operative, out-of-the-box, and enthusiastic service ranging from engineering, offshore support to Project management.

silentdynamics GmbH is a service provider for numerical simulations and the development of simulation software. Our engineers have many years of experience in the simulation of fluid flow processes (CFD) and also in the calculation of mechanical deformations and stresses in structures under load (FEM). Our focus is on the analysis of ship resistance and propulsion and thermal fluid problems. However, we are also open to all other flow and structural problems. For the simulations silentdynamics mainly uses open source software (OpenFOAM, Code_Aster). In order to support the productive use, we provide our own software InsightCAE, which enables automation of arbitrarily complicated simulation workflows.


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CDM Consultancy is partnership established by highly experienced and specialized engineers, providing, project management, design and technical consulting services to Oil&Gas, Marine and Renewable energy industries.

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