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elCAT-0 is a multi-purpose heavy-duty catamaran workboat, hybrid-powered by renewable (wind and solar) and thermal energy, or LH2 or by classic propulsion (diesel or electro-diesel). Steel structure and builder's friendly form factor. The range on renewables only: 8 hours at the speed of 8 knots.


SeaFarm or O2-Factory: Food production at Sea - aquatic and non-aquatic (non-pollinated) cultures, powered by renewable energy. Can be located close to shore and consumers or further offshore. In a later case, can be used for insects production, which can be 'inserted' in a food chain as poultry food, pet food or fish food. As it is 'isolated structure', pesticide and insecticide usage can be minimized or completely avoided. Low CAPEX and OPEX with ROI of over 50% after two years in operation.


Fluid Link is a cost-effective solution for marine fluid transfer, making transfer operation possible in the areas previously deemed impossible due to technical, environmental or budgetary considerations. The implementation doesn't require excessive construction works on the shoreline and/or dredging or any modification of existing ships. Fluid Link is designed to suit the wide variety of the ships and cargo types by implementing latest OCIMF, SIGTTO, Classification Society rules, and EN1473/1474, and national standards.


elCAT-0 Power Maker is a mobile power plant, based on elCAT-0 platform, able to deliver up to 1.2 MW of energy to remote, isolated, sites and communities by utilizing thermal, wind and solar sources of energy. HV Batteries installed onboard offsetting 'peak usage' of energy.


Reuse of decommissioned offshore structures - CDMC arguments for reuse of offshore structures over removal are described in a free e-book which is available here. CDMC took a further step and came up with a decision matrix tool, which can compare several concepts (we developed over 15) against each other. Decision tool consists of over 100 criteria/variables, divided into 8 categories, capturing all (or almost all) aspects of the proposal from the existing platform and its location to the performance of the “new asset” until “the true end of life”.


Jumbo Jack is floating heavy lifting concept, capable of lifting the load of over 50,000 t in one lift, by utilizing well known, proven, "of the shelf" components.


CDMC had been involved or designed, over the years, various ship equipment and systems for them, from offshore cranes and A-frames to various shape and sizes of mooring fairleads and stoppers.


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CDM Consultancy is partnership established by highly experienced and specialized engineers, providing, project management, design and technical consulting services to Oil&Gas, Marine and Renewable energy industries.

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