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VAG_Semi - a Semi-Submersible, with variable air-gap. It is using the same technology as JumboJack concept, re-shuffled a bit.
Can prove useful for extreme shallow waters and few other cases. Pontoons can sit on the bottom - depending on the seafloor composition.

Early computer simulations are showing that buffer can be used to extend the mooring system's fatigue life. However, more work should be done from our side, before we can offer that to the market.

PowerWheel is our idea to create a sustainable and independent source of the energy on the rivers, which require a minimum investment and minimum maintenance. The generator part is 70 ampers car alternator, although some other configurations are possible. Slow-motion wheels (1-3 rpm) are a minimal danger for the wildlife and mooring system is mitigating dangers of the floating debris.

elCAT-0, our renewable-powered workboat will be, most likely, upgraded with the new turbines, capable to produce up to 100 kW. Perhaps, the basis for some other products and services (having couple ideas) and time to change a name to elCAT-1?


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